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MoJo Jerky

MoJo  Jerky - 1/4 LB. BAGS (No MSG)

 MoJo Jerky is our own handcrafted brand of jerky. It is thin-cut   top-round jerky in large flat sheets for a chewier texture. Check   out our awesome flavors!


 KOREAN BBQ STYLE - Spicy Korean BBQ flavor. Medium heat level.

 HONEY TERIYAKI - Awesome sweet Teriyaki taste with a speck of   Honey.

 REAL WESTERN - Teriyaki background with black pepper seasoning.

 SWEET HEAT ( Previously named "HOT") Just like the name   says.. (sweet with crushed red pepper & cayenne) A Best Seller!

 HICKORY - Thin cut, dry and smoky with light seasoning (not sweet).

 BIG BLACK PEPPER HICKORY - Our Hickory Jerky with lots of   cracked black peppercorns (not sweet).

 HOT HICKORY - Our Hickory Jerky w/Red Pepper Flakes for nice HEAT!

 WHISKEY BBQ -Bourbon, BBQ Sauce and a speck of Cayenne Pepper.   Sticky & Sweet with a little Heat. Finger Licking Delicious!

WHISKEY SCORPION - This is our Whiskey BBQ Jerky with extremely   HOT Scorpion Pepper added in. (Hotter than Habanero Pepper).

 RING OF FIRE - Mix of hot peppers (habanero, cayenne, crushed red   chili flakes, white pepper, black pepper). VERY HOT! Awesome Flavor!

 SWEET GARLIC - The name describes it. Delicious with a light burn!


 BUFFALO WING FLAVOR - 100% smoked chicken breast in a delicious,   tangy buffalo wing marinade. No MSG, only 100mg Sodium & GLUTEN   FREE!


 SMOKY BACON - Made using 100% lean pork loin, we season it to have   an amazing smoky bacon taste!


 Artisan Ahi Tuna and Pacific Marlin Fish Jerky. Freshly made by a small   family run business on the big island of Hawaii. Wild caught right off the   coast.

 Amazing jerky! Amazingly delicious!

  • Teriyaki Ahi Tuna Jerky - 2.75oz Bag

 Wild caught premium grade ahi tuna. Hickory smoke is used to add a kick   of flavor. This jerky is marinated in a special blend of ingredients, slow   dried, and hand cut for bite size snacking. All natural, no preservatives   and no MSG. Mild and sweet teriyaki seasoning! Made fresh on the Big   Island of Hawaii.

  • Lemon Salt Marlin Jerky - 2.75oz Bag

 Premium grade wild caught marlin, marinated, slowly dried, hand cut and   seasoned with a Zesty blend of lemon, pepper and garlic over a TERIYAKI   background. Sweet & Zesty! Made by Hawaiians in Kailua-Kona on the Big   Island of Hawaii. No preservatives. No MSG.

  • Onion Pepper Marlin Jerky - 2.75oz Bag

 Marlin Fish Jerky has been enjoyed by Hawaii's locals for years, and is an   important part of modern Hawaiian snack culture! Made from locally   caught marlin, and prepared with genuine ingredients, with no   preservatives or MSG. Seasoned with mild Teriyaki and sweet onion black   pepper for just a little heat. Sweet & Lightly Spicy!

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  • $6.55 USPS Priority Mail. Just 1-3 business days for delivery. 


* ONLY BUYING 1 or 2 BAGS?  We can ship USPS First Class Pkg (2-5 business days for delivery). Just $3.00 for 1 bag or $4.00 for 2 bags. Let us know in a message if that is your preference and we will refund the difference back to you.


  • Beef, Chicken, Pork Jerky: (Mix-or-Match)

            1 for $12.                  

           2 for $22

           3 for $30

           4 for $39

           BEST DEAL: 5 Bags for $48

  • Exotic Jerky: (Mix-or-Match Varieties)

           1 for $16

           2 for $30

           3 for $43

           4 for $55

           BEST DEAL:  5 Bags for $65


  • Fish Jerky: (Mix-or-Match Varieties)

          1 for $12 

           2 for $22


exotic jerky


 100% Alligator meat, just a little heat and great Cajun flavor. No   MSG, Gluten or added Nitrites.

  • PEPPERED TERIYAKI Buffalo Jerky - 4oz Bag

 100% solid whole muscle buffalo meat in a tangy (not too sweet)   teriyaki marinade and course ground black pepper. Awesome   flavor combination! No MSG.

  • TERIYAKI Buffalo Jerky - 4oz Bag

​ 100% solid whole muscle buffalo meat in a tangy (not too sweet)   teriyaki marinade. No MSG.

  • PEPPERED TERIYAKI Elk Jerky - 4oz Bag

 100% solid whole muscle elk meat in a tangy (not too sweet)   teriyaki marinade and course ground black pepper. No MSG.

  • ORIGINAL Venison Jerky - 4oz Bag

 100% solid whole muscle venison (deer) meat. Lightly sweet,   speck of heat. Not gamey. Yum!. No MSG.

Jerky Varieties