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  •  Try our new Buffalo Wing Chicken Jerky. Tender and tangy. Tastes just like your favorite buffalo wings!

  •  NEW:  Artisan FISH JERKY: Ahi Tuna and Marlin. Both wild caught off the coast of Hawaii! Both Delicious!

  • Join our JERKY OF THE MONTH CLUB and get FREE Jerky! Makes a GREAT gift for any JERKY LOVER! See our "JERKY CLUB" page for details.


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 "Crave the MoJo"

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We are Mona ("Mo") and Joe Elkhal and together our names make MoJo!


We live in Southwest Florida with our 3 pound puppies, Daisy, Bailey and Tula (see photo gallery). The five of us hit the road almost every weekend to sell our favorite jerky at events and festivals all around the state.

We carry beef, chicken, fish and some exotic jerky. Over 30 varieties from mild to extremely hot! Whatever your taste, we have a jerky for you. Stop by our MoJo Jerky booth for a FREE sample and to stock up on your favorites. You can also order right here on our website.  We ship FAST so your taste buds won't have to wait too long!